4️⃣Day 4 - Start completing your submission

You've made it! Time to complete the Stellar Community Fund submission.

Day 4 is all about putting everything you've done together and creating a solid SCF submission.

Log in to the Stellar Community Fund Dashboard

Log Into the Stellar Community Fund Dashboard (you should have joined the Stellar Discord already).

Start your Submission

Fill out the form

Before we start, here is a pro tip: There is a "Save as draft" button at the end of the form. You'll need to enter placeholder data in every field before using it.

Title & One Sentence Pitch

On Day 1, you will have summarized your project, enter the Submission Title (your project name) and the one-sentence pitch.

Submission History & Award Type

Project Information Section

Leverage the clarity you've gained on Day 1 to clearly explain your product, the problems you intend to solve, how you plan to solve them, and the audience it solves them for (Personas).

From the Fundamentals of Integrating with Stellar, you should have clarity on how you plan to leverage Stellar for your solution. Are you integrating with one or more anchors? Are you using Soroban for a smart contract? Are you leveraging the Stellar Disbursement Platform or Anchor Platform?

Do not go into comprehensive technical detail, This is meant for all reviewers (regardless of their technical background) to understand; you'll do that in the next section.

Supporting information

The Technical architecture document is the outcome of Day 3—Define the technical architecture. You should upload it to a publicly accessible (but not editable) location and paste the URL into the Technical Architecture Doc box.

The project URL is generally a landing page or microsite explaining what your product is.

The Code URL could be a public GitHub repository. If it is private but you are willing to give access to reviewers, you can state it in this textbox. (E.g. https://github.com/private/repo, I am willing to give access to reviewers)

The Video URL is your elevator pitch; reviewers need to look at multiple applications so clarity and succinctness are highly valued. You can upload your video to YouTube and set it to unlisted so only those with the link can access it.

Pitch Deck URL is a link to a read-only document (generally slides or a PDF) that you would use to pitch your project to investors.

Soroban Usage

The next question is about whether you plan to use smart contracts for this submission. Do not try to fit Soroban into your project if it is not required, technical reviewers will pick up on it.

Project Category

Ensure you select the most appropriate project category and subcategory (the subcategory is enabled upon selecting a project category first).

Other Chains

Specify if your project already exists in other blockchains. If it does, you'll need to explain why you're porting it over or switching blockchains.


Projects that participate in the SCF Startup Camp may have different stages. Perhaps, it is just an idea (Research) looking to get started or a well-established business that is looking to implement Stellar for its day-to-day operations (Growth).

Regions of Operation

Select up to two regions of operation (primary or secondary) or select "No specific region of operation" if you have a global solution.

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