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Asset issuance

Stellar simplifies the tokenization of assets, from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, NFTs, and more. Anyone can issue assets on Stellar, promoting a democratized financial ecosystem. Delve into the Assets Overview and Asset Design Considerations for detailed insights.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

The power of the Stellar network lies in its decentralized exchange. All tokens on the network are exchangeable, connecting buyers and sellers directly. With a simple operation, users submit bids or asks to the network, and compatible trades automatically resolve every few seconds. No intermediaries, no custodians, just seamless decentralized exchange.

Anchors (Ramps)

Anchors provide vital on and off-ramps for the Stellar network, linking it to traditional financial systems for easy asset exchanges. Anchors are a cornerstone of Stellar's utility, especially for cross-border payments. Learn more about anchors and their role in the Stellar ecosystem.

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