🤝Team & Company

Almost there! This section is all about you and your team. Your team is more likely to get selected if you are a full-time founder and you have the relevant technical skills.

Submitter type

Start by selecting what type of submitter are you: An Individual, a Team of individuals, or an Entity (such as a company)

If you select Entity, you must provide the Public Entity Name, the Entity Description and you must fill out the Entity Intake Form (there is a hyperlink in the relevant section). Once you've filled it out, enter the exact Entity Name in the text field provided.

Team bio

Make sure you list the people who will be working on your project. If you will work with 3rd party developers or agencies, include them in the team bio.


  • Full-time founders are generally better positioned in the reviewer's eyes.

  • Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date.

  • Demonstrate that you are ready to build immediately -- be it because you have a technical co-founder or team (or you are technical yourself) or because you have appointed a development agency to work with you.

Last but not least, enter the e-mails of the people that will be notified of the progression of the submission.

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